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Edgemark Solutions Edgemark Solutions values its vendor partnerships and prides itself on creating opportunity to build and develop small businesses in the preservation industry. We make it easy and provide all the technology and industry connections to both start a new business or expand an existing one.

Working directly with banks and loan servicers is expensive, complicated and demanding. Edgemark has the infrastructure and processess in place to handle this burden on behalf of its vendors and free them up to focus on getting the work done and moving on to the next job. The most successful vendors are the ones who can complete their orders correctly in the shortest amount of time. Edgemark’s work order management system, mobile app and vendor help line give Edgemark vendors the competitive advantage to complete their work fast and correct the first time.

Pay Terms
We understand how difficult it can be to start and run a small business. Whether you are a sole proprietor or have your own crews, cash flow is always an obstacle and we are here to help. We offer the most generous standard pay terms in the industry and even offer same-day advance options when needed.

Edgemark has known from day one that the easier we can make your job, the more work can get done and more money can be made. With this in mind, we provide free unlimited mobile app usage to receive, view, and complete all your work orders. Orders can be completed and submitted from site along with your bids and notes. Most orders are submitted to the client the same day they are completed which means faster bid approvals and faster payments for work completed.

Edgemark utilizes a custom work order management system that allows you to manage, receive and communicate with us the status of your work order assignments through your portal.

When you become an Edgemark vendor you are joining the Edgemark network. Edgemark has created strategic relationships within the industry to benefit vendors. Among the top benefits enjoyed by our contractors are special discounted pricing structures on work tools and supplies from our supply partners.

Set your own hours
Edgemark will partner with full time vendors down to weekend warriors. You will receive as much work as fits into your schedule. You can decline any orders assigned to you within 12 hours if you feel you will be unable to complete them by the due date.

Because of Edgemark’s diverse client base and ever expanding coverage, there are great opportunities to grow your business. Whether you want to work on crossing into some other counties or even take on an entire state, we can help you reach your goals by working with our clients to provide a work load to support your growth.

Edgemark’s vendor expectations are simple. Preserving the properties we manage and completing all work in a timely manner is our top priority. We expect this to be the top priority of each of our vendors as well. Any vendor with an accepted work order is expected to complete their order by the due date and communicate any delays so that we can keep our client’s informed.

Our Services



— Bankruptcy
— Contact
— Interview
— Interior
— Loss draft/Insurance loss
— Occupancy
— Rush
— QC

— Board Ups
— Debris Removal
— Demolition
— Landscaping
— Lock Changes
— Maid Services
— Pool Maintenance
— Roofing
— Re-Glazing
— Snow Plowing
— Winterizations

— HVAC Replacement
— Remodeling
— Roof Repair/Replacement

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